– Our Mission –

Determine whether Democrats or Republicans are smarter through fun quizzes

– About –

At LeftvsRightIQ, we are determined to figure out which political party, Democrats or Republicans, is smarter. Everyone thinks their party is the best and brightest, but one party actually is smarter. We just needed to figure out a way to prove it.

After countless months of arguing, we at LeftvsRightIQ decided to answer the question in the most American way possible… by going straight to the people! LeftvsRightIQ was created so Democrats and Republicans can enter the intellectual arena and battle across various topics to see, once and for all, which political party is smarter.

San Diego, CA
‘LeftvsRightIQ is a fun, engaging way to determine what we ALL ALREADY KNOW!!! Democrats are the smarter political party. And it isn’t even close. I took the quiz, challenged, and beat my Republican friends. Too easy.’
Nashville, TN
‘Did anyone really think a political party that wants to give everything away for free was smart? I took the quiz and raised the Republican score to a number Democrats will never touch. It was fun to prove Republicans are smarter than Democrats’