Child Rapists Released from Prison in NY

Child Rapists Released from Prison in NY

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Democratic Run NY has released three child rapists in Governor Cuomo’s coronavirus jailbreak

date April 15, 2020 views 13,979
Everyone knows states under Democratic leadership have zero common sense. Can anyone argue this point? They have homeless people defecting in the streets in San Francisco. They give illegal immigrants food stamps and free healthcare instead of our own military heroes. They even want to abolish ICE and open our borders!.

Governor Cuomo of NY looked at all of this and told these incompetent Democratic states to hold his proverbial beer. Last Friday, he ordered the release of 1,100 parole violators to help combat the coronavirus spread in New York’s jail system.

Fortunately for the citizens of New York, he had enough sense to only release non-violent offenders. People in jail on minor drug offenses, petty theft, and… EIGHT SEX OFFENDERS! INCLUDING THREE CHILD RAPISTS!

“We’re releasing people who are in jails because they violated parole for non-serious reasons,” Cuomo told MSNBC, according to the New York Post. “And wherever we can get people out of jails, out of prisons, now, we are.”

I (thankfully) don’t live in New York. Maybe my understanding of who is a “non-serious” offender happens to be different than Governor Cuomo’s, but even I thought Democrats would consider child-rapists to be serious offenders. But again, Democrats go out of their way to side-step common sense and side with criminals.

As if it could get any worse, three of these offenders are registered as level 3 sex offenders according to the Monroe County Sheriffs’ Office. For those of us who are law abiding citizens and don’t know what a level 3 sex offender is, this is the designation given by New York courts to offenders who are most likely to re-offend.

These level 3 child rapists are now staying at the Holiday Inn Express on the taxpayer’s dime. While small businesses are closing shop and citizens are struggling to pay rent, the state is giving sex-offenders a vacation and WE are paying for it.

I have long ago stopped saying that anything Democrats do surprises me. Everything they do is ridiculous, un-American, and is never a surprise. But this might be one of the most disgusting and irresponsible things Democrats have ever done.


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