COVID-19 Highlights Need for Medicare for All

COVID-19 Highlights Need for Medicare for All
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COVID-19 has proven, once again, that America’s healthcare system is a failure on the world stage.

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COVID-19 has proven, once again, that America’s healthcare system is a failure on the world stage. For generations, America has placed an emphasis on profits instead of quality of care. After seeing other countries successfully control COVID-19, it is time to finally scrap our old healthcare system and implement Medicare for All.

Now I know what many of you, especially my friends on the right, are thinking. Some combination of “that’s socialist!” and “how will we pay for it!”

I will tackle the “how will we pay for it” pearl clutch first. COVID-19 has already cost the US economy roughly $2.5T. This number continues to climb every day the country is in lockdown. Unemployment has skyrocketed. Over 22 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits since mandatory shutdowns started. That is a level we have not seen since the Great Depression.

Those costs are real and oppressive. The amount of debt being taken on, and the long-term damage to our economy, are something we will have to deal with for decades. If everyone had access to quality healthcare and robust testing services, we could have stopped this disease before it became a pandemic. We could have saved that $2.5T, the 22 million jobs, the future of our economy, and the countless number of people who have died from COVID-19. Even the most pessimistic costs of Medicare for All outweigh the cost we have already experienced because of the disease.

Ok fine. Now we all agree we can pay for Medicare for All by staving off future economy damaging pandemics. But it is still a socialist policy! And if you are a good, hot dog loving American, you HATE socialism and their socialist policies. America is a capitalist country and would never allow any socialist policies into its sacred capitalist jungle.

Except for free public education, public transportation, fire departments, police departments, public libraries, every branch of the military, roads, highways, bridges, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, public jails, public hospitals, the VA, public universities, public parks, public drinking fountains, and public parking, just to name a few.

America already has socialist policies. We even have socialist policies in the healthcare space! Medicare is a service that provides much better healthcare outcomes for its beneficiaries at a fraction of the cost.

And do not forget that Republicans and big business love socialist policies when it bails out the banks, airline industry, cruise industry, and any other symbol of corporate corruption and greed. That money goes to the rich, not the people. They take it from you and bankroll their bonuses and private jets. If you do not believe me just read up on the 2008 bailout of banks.

Medicare for All was already a good idea. COVID-19 simply highlighted just how important it is for America. We can afford Medicare for All. We cannot afford another pandemic.
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