Democrats Must Save America by Winning at All Costs

Democrats Must Save America by Winning at All Costs
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If Trump wins another 4 years, American Democracy is dead. Democrats can’t let that happen.

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Republicans lie, cheat, and steal every election in sight. They abuse their power when they have it and complain about abuse of power when they don’t. They erode our constitutional norms when it serves them and claim to be strict constitutionalists when it doesn’t.

For too long, Democrats have sat idly by and watched Republicans do this. Democrats did nothing as Republicans stole the 2000 election. Democrats did nothing when America was dragged into a war based on lies and fabrications. Democrats did nothing when Republicans stole a Supreme Court seat. Democrats never do anything.

And that is their problem. The reason Democrats never win in American politics is because they play nice instead of playing to win. They try to work with Republicans instead of lording their power over them when they have it and beating them into submission.

It is high time that Democrats start playing the game to win. Once they get power, they need to make sure Republicans can never take it back. They need to change the rules in their favor. In order to save America as we know it from the radical and racist Republican party, Democrats need to take our Democracy by the horns and steer it in the right, pun not intended, direction.

I don’t care if these ideas are constitutional. As stated above, Republicans routinely ignore the constitution when it serves them and their corporate puppet masters. Here is a brief outline of what the Democrats should do, and why that proposal is important.

Admittedly, this is an aggressive list. To get this done, the Democrats will need to take a page out of the Republicans playbook. They need to lie, cheat, and steal their way to structural changes that will make it impossible for Republicans to ever gain power again.

Democrats will need a strong stomach to execute these policies. It will be a knife fight with Republicans and pain will be inflicted. For example, the Democrats could have gotten Trump impeached during the government shutdown in December 2018. Sound crazy?

Imagine this. Democrats could have told the Republicans they were not reopening the government unless Trump was successfully impeached and removed from office. Trump already took responsibility for the shutdown. Why not lay the waste at his feet and deal with the consequences? Democrats should have gone home and never come back to the table unless Republicans caved and removed Trump from office.

Would this inflict pain on the American people? Yes. Would this have been beneficial long term? Yes. Removing a racist, xenophobic, narcissistic, idiot was more important than funding the government for a few extra weeks.

This is one example but highlights the types of political strong-arming Democrats will need to employ to take back control. Make no mistake, it will be a brutal fight. But the stakes are impossibly high. It is time for Democrats to pull out their knife, step up to Republicans, and save America as we know her… before it’s too late.
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